Writing from the Well

Inspiration & Imagination - never ending resources from the well

A life cycle: listening, talking, writing, listening, talking, writing, listening, talking, writing…….

We listen, we absorb, we learn to talk and most of us then learn how to write – the alphabet, words, sentences, then longer and longer stories. I have listened and talked and written all of my life, so easily, that I too often take it for granted. Every time I hear of people who have difficulty with literacy, my heart goes out to them.

In creating Writing from the Well I want to spread the word – spoken and written – to all kinds of people and help them on their journey to literacy of mouth and pen.

Pat Schneider’s method of writing together in workshop, reading our newborn writing to each other and offering only encouraging words to the writer, is a special treasure. I’m delighted that I have trained in this method and I look forward to taking it to many individuals and groups.

The well is always full, the inspiration and imagination are always available, and the one thing needed is the courage to fill the bucket and draw the beautiful, nourishing waters to our thirsty hearts.